Esprit Reborn



To take a dead, dying or defunct brand and take it in a new and innovative direction while staying true to the brand’s original soul. The reinvented brand should include a flexible system of branding elements and have diverse offerings across retail, service, and educational initiatives.



Esprit was a wildly popular apparel brand in the US in the 70’s and 80’s that shared a deeper message of social and environmental consciousness. Taking into account the new political landscape and a target audience of young women, Esprit had the unique chance to reinvent as a company, ride on its feminist roots, and become a more active leader in the ecofeminist movement. The new look and feel of the brand calls on nature with organic shapes and incorporates a bold color palette to activate and energize. The new products and services give young women tools to stand up for their rights and for the environment. Ultimately, the new direction positions the brand as much more than just a fashion company.