To create a mobile app that offers a solution to a current problem in the world and demonstrates following a robust UI/UX process including conducting user research, generating an app concept and preparing prototypes, conducing user testing, and designing a final app that features a complete user flow.



Statistics show Americans spend an unhealthy 90% of their time indoors now. Camping is a great way to get outdoors and away from our increasingly stressful lives. Right now, planning a camping trip can feel daunting because there isn't an easy one-stop destination for planning and booking. I created Wild, an app that would make the entire camping experience—from researching, to booking, to exploring—more seamless and customized for campers in the US. I wanted Wild to take on an adventurous, natural, and slightly vintage tone to get campers feeling excited and  a little nostalgic about getting back to nature. Many of the photos are from trips I have taken camping.